William Alexander Wolaver was, in some fashion, named after both William the Conqueror and Alexander The Great. His penchant for conquest was revealed at the fragile age of four, when, as his mother recalls, he stormed into the kitchen in a torrent of frustration. When asked what was the matter, Alex erupted, "I want to be the greatest doctor in the whole wide world, but the girls won't let me!" This was the beginning.

Alex began conquering the violin at the age of four, and after five years decided the viola was a more appropriate target, with its larger size and deeper, manlier tone. They made a good match, and within five more years Alex and his Viola were accepted to study at the Juilliard School, where he was said by some to be the youngest student to ever audition with the daunting Bartók Viola Concerto, the most difficult piece in the instrument's repertoire. While at Juilliard he performed in many chamber music groups, among them a hand-picked string quartet coached by the legendary Itzhak Perlman. He also served as principle violist for the Juilliard Pre-College Symphony.

While conquering the viola, Alex decided to tangle with the technological side of music. He began his music production career in the school of hard knocks, surviving many a technological meltdown in his basement studio laboratory. Over the years, he learned the ropes at the elbow of Grammy Award-winning producers and engineers, and now serves as chief musical producer for Annie Moses Band.

What will Alex conquer next? Says he, "I'm still recovering from being recently conquered myself — by my beautiful wife and our two adorable daughters. Maybe in a couple years I'll recover sufficiently to engage in a new endeavor, but right now I'm preoccupied by my amazing blessings."