We are the woman of the Annie Moses Band. We are mothers, daughters, daughters-in-law, and grand-daughters. We are authors, speakers, singers, musicians, songwriters, and recording artists. We represent many seasons of life, and in each season, we are intent on following Jesus in a culture rife with secular individualism. 

We understand the call of God to be holy and faultless in His sight––to live by His standards, and not the world’s. In modern times, this is a great struggle. It involves living in a way wholly set apart from culture and thus being a light and a leader to those around us. 

It is . . Exceptional Living!


God is seeking a coalition of women who will exercise spiritual maturity, whose hearts are pure and pliable, who will surrender themselves to Him: body, mind, will, and emotion. He is calling us back to our beginnings, back to the edicts of Eden, back to the Ancient Paths that lead us home.

This is where this study of Exceptional Living will take you. We will uncover the grand secrets, the mysteries of our makeup, for which we were created, both natural and supernatural. 

Prepare to be astonished as the truths shared in Exceptional Living extol the Creator and the wonder of His creation’s crown jewel, the Woman.

The women of Exceptional Living will serve your women's event, providing key-note speakers, special music, leading of congregational praise, prayer, and inspiration that will transform lives.


The Redemption of Mother Eve

 The family is God’s holy institution, drawn as His Refined Divine Design at the dawn of time. It acts as a relational infrastructure, facilitating the giving and receiving of love, and is mirrored in the relationship of Christ and the Church. Learn how we, as women navigating modern times, might optimize our roles as wife, mother, daughter and sister and thereby build stronger families and stronger churches.


Learn the fascinating landscape of the female body, how we are fearfully and wonderfully made, to nurture the Kingdom of God. 

Grace that Works

No longer must Grace and Works vie for power. At last, the two shall kiss and co-operate, transforming not only our lives, but the lives of those around us.

becoming a new creation

Love is a verb, and it finds its plumb-line of action in obedience to the God who is the personification of love.

Building a Bonded Family

Learn to capture those singular, God-designed moments in every lifetime, wherein the bonds of a love relationship can be most strongly established. After all, bonded families unite to create bonded churches, communities and nations.

Nurturing Artistic Success in Children

The arts are the most powerful and pervasive voices on Earth. No wonder the Scriptures bid us to play skillfully and make His praise glorious! These are imperative sentences. This seminar will teach you how to organize a home wherein the talents of everyone are both honed for excellence and rooted in truth. 

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