The Annie Moses Band kicks off the last non-seasonal tour of 2011!

After a month off the road to celebrate the birth of David Valentine Dupre, Annie and Scott's first child, and the marriage of Alex and Berklee Wolaver, the Annie Moses Band is kicking off the final months of 2011 with a seven city tour through Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, and Arkansas, before the official start of their spectacular Christmas Tour. The sweep begins with the Virginia Baptist Mens Missions Conference in Richmond, VA, then moves to the beautiful campus of Kentucky State University for a patriotic concert celebrating our nation's spiritual heritage on the 11th. Nov. 13th finds the AMB in Bristol, VA for morning worship and an evening performance.

Afterward, the Band returns to their beloved Tennessee for a concert very close to home at the newly opened Franklin Theater in the historic downtown district of Franklin, TN, celebrating Williamson Christian College. Nov. 17 and 18 feature two performances in the sunny climes of Gulf Coast Florida, and then a final stop in Hot Springs, Arkansas bring our last non-seasonal tour to a close, just a short drive from the Oklahoma mountains where our beloved Mama Robin grew up!

Be sure and check out all the details on our last pre-Christmas tour for 2011 by clicking on the "Tour" button above!