The Annie Moses Band and the New American Choir and Orchestra make their Carnegie Hall debut!

Annie Moses Band @ Carnegie Hall

"Wow," echoed a voice from the back of the hall. In any other hall, Mr. Hall's comment would not have been heard, but in the perfect acoustics of Carnegie Hall you can literally hear a pin drop. And as a description of what the debut performance of the Annie Moses Band and the New American Choir and Orchestra at Carnegie Hall was like, Mr. Hall's exclamation sums up the experience for everyone: "Wow". From January 12 through the 15th, four hundred people from every corner of the United States converged on the Sheraton Hotel near Times Square, NYC to prepare a night of outstanding music. Every generation was represented from 12 year old violinists from the Annie Moses Band's annual Fine Arts Summer Academy to experienced choral vocalists entering their 80th decade. What united everyone was a common goal: to obey the command of the Psalmist to 'make His praise glorious!'.

Hours of feverish preparations (and two evenings of great fun and fellowship) bonded this wonderful group of musicians and singers into a outstanding choir and orchestra led by the legendary conductor, Camp Kirkland.

Headlining the event were the Juilliard trained performers of the Annie Moses Band in their Carnegie Hall debut. 'It has been a long journey for us,' said Robin, the mother and visionary of the Annie Moses Band. 'I can remember arriving in New York City for the first time in 1999. Even then, the Lord was moving to bring us to this place and time.'

A distinctive calling set this performance apart for the Band and the musicians and vocalists joining them: to send a message to the world that the arts exist to glorify the Creator. "We see this as the first night of many nights to come when the truth of God and the good news of Jesus will be presented with excellence on the most renowned stages in the world,' said Alex, the Band's violist. 'The performers here are on the front line, bringing an artistically and spiritual profound presentation of Jesus' Kingdom to New York City and the world.'

The concert itself proved spectacular, ending with two encores and a standing ovation. A litany of FASA alumni were also featured in a rollicking medley entitled "FASA Follies" that climaxed in a rousing version of "Will The Circle Be Unbroken?". From the powerful opening song "Glory Giver", accompanied by full choir and orchestra, to the spell binding Ralph Vaughan Williams inspired "Ancient Paths" to the climactic reprise of the theme song, "Make His Praise Glorious", the Annie Moses Band and the New American Choir and Orchestra electrified the most legendary hall in music.

Behind the scenes, watching with satisfaction was the indispensable man, Roy Hayes and his team at True North Productions who organized and planned the event. True North Productions exists to bring outstanding talent to outstanding venues in order to edify the Church and bring the Gospel to an ever wider audience. After the rousing performance at Carnegie, everyone could agree: "Mission Accomplished".