Annie Moses Band Wraps Filming on New Music Video

September 21, 2012 - With the upcoming release of their new album, Pilgrims & Prodigals, on the horizon, the Annie Moses Band wrapped filming on the new music video for their first single, "Blush". Directed by award winning filmmaker, David Kiern, the music video for "Blush" is set inside the glamorous Rippavilla Plantation, a historic mansion infamous for its ghosts. "We shot the music video from sunset to pre-dawn," says Annie, the Band's lead singer. "It was a little spooky, but also magical. The mansion at night is a beautiful place to capture on film." The historic setting provided the perfect backdrop for the radio single which marries a nostalgic message to a modern edge. The song "Blush" was inspired by a quote. "I read this phrase 'they've forgotten how to blush', and the poetry of it hit me," said Ben, the Band's cellist. "I thought, "Wow. Doesn't that describe the magazine racks in the checkout line?" After he shared the idea with the rest of the group, the Band's lyricist, Robin, with the help of her husband, Bill, crafted a song that married nostalgic images to a modern aesthetic. "Blush questions our culture's cynicism and speaks a timeless truth with powerful relevance," says Annie. "It's a song that yearns for a return to the beauty and dignity of innocence."