Annie Moses Band Receives Prestigious Award

On Friday, May 10th, the Annie Moses Band was honored to receive the Bennet Recognition Award, also known as “The Macedonian Call”, an annual award presented by Trinity College of Florida.  This unique award is given to select individuals who through speech, life, love, faith and purity exemplify the shared core values of Trinity College of Florida in serving humanity. Recipients of this recognition award have modeled personal integrity, global influence, and spiritual impact at the highest levels of society.  Previous recipients have included Billy Graham; the award has only been presented three times in the College’s history.  The President of Trinity College of Florida, in consultation with the College community, selects the recipient.  The award was given at Trinity College’s Celebration Banquet, an event celebrating 80 years since the founding of the College.

Annie Moses Band Poised to Release New Album, Pilgrims & Prodigals


On September 25th, Annie Moses Band will release a new concept album a decade in the making: Pilgrims & Prodigals, a two-disc CD/DVD package that explores the timeless theme of roaming and redemption. With breathtaking instrumental virtuosity and shimmering layered vocals, Pilgrims & Prodigals features 13 diverse tracks that blend the captivating styles of classical, jazz, folk and even a frisson of Celtic thrown in for good measure. Eight songs on the album were written or co-written by members of the group. Five other tunes receive inventive re-imaginings that bring fresh new seasonings to familiar standards like “Poor Wayfaring Pilgrim” and “Girl of Constant Sorrow.” “Pilgrims & Prodigals is based on the idea that everyone in the world is going somewhere,” observes Alex Wolaver, who for the first time shares lead vocalist duties with his sister Annie. “We’re all on a personal journey. We are all either someone who’s finding our way back home or we’re someone who’s running away from home. Every song on this album tells one of those two stories.”

Recorded in the heart of Music City, Nashville, TN., Alex teamed up with award-winning producer Michael Omartian (Christopher Cross, Michael Bolton, Amy Grant,) to produce the new project that was originally imagined nearly a decade ago. Pilgrims & Prodigals will be marketed and distributed in partnership with Dream Journey, the television production company behind the many highly-popular Public Television Specials. The album is being packaged as a double-disc set, containing the CD plus a companion DVD showcasing the Annie Moses Band performing the entire album in concert.

“Video is very important to us, because what we do as the Annie Moses Band is very visual,” explains Annie. “By including the live concert DVD with the album, people can see us performing and playing each song on the album.” The band will be seen on PBS stations around the U.S. starting in October for their brand new Pilgrims & Prodigals Public Television concert that will air throughout the fall. The two disc set will be available in stores nationwide.

FASA 2011: "Raising Ebenezer" in Review

The Fine Arts Summer Academy 2011 gathered over 250 students, teachers, and parents from as far as Canada and Jamaica to Music City, USA for our best year yet. 2011's Upper Division theme, Raising Ebenezer, took its name from the rock Samuel raised in the Old Testament as a "rock of remembrance" to the salvation of God while in the Lower Division, our young students celebrated the animals of the Bible in the hilarious and poignant Bible Lessons from a Barnyard. For the Upper Division, Raising Ebenezer took us on a journey from nostalgic memories of home and hearth through decisive moments in American history such as World War II and the last stand of the Alamo, finally culminating in a breathtaking finale centered on the ebenezer of the grave and the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ. From the songs Boondocks and Reminiscing to the classics Were You There When They Crucified My Lord and the Finale from The Firebird Suite, Raising Ebenezer raised the bar yet again for F.A.S.A. Gala performances.

Camp Kirkland, a veteran conductor and composer in Christian music, brought an amazing energy and leadership to this year's final show. We can't wait to re-team with Mr. Kirkland for our January trip to Carnegie Hall and the Big Apple. This year also introduced a new spiritual focus. Core Groups enabled students from different tracks to form friendships and dig deeper in their spiritual walk with God. With such a great summer behind us, we couldn't be more excited about the future of the Fine Arts Summer Academy.