March 2010

Just as the blustering March winds were blowing away with great gusto, the AMB drew out the old suitcases to pack for a trip to sunny Florida. We were glad to be going, as the weather in Nashville promised over the weekend to turn from lovely spring temperatures to snow and ice. So, several hours before day-break on Saturday morning, we sped away from the reappearance of winter to the delightful climes of Florida. We made good time on the sunshine highway, passing unhindered through Atlanta traffic, over the Georgia border, into Florida, and, finally, to the neighboring towns surrounding Tampa, most of us reading all the way (except for the drivers, of course. No texting allowed!) The great folks at the church helped the load-in and sound-check process to go smoothly, and then we all repaired back to the very spacious, nice hotel rooms for some much-needed shut-eye.

Next morning we were awake before sunrise and driving back for Sunday morning services, just as Sol was shooting hazy, lovely light upon the horizon-line. The worship services that morning were very spiritually blessing, as interwoven with the singing and message were the sacred ordinances of baptism and communion, enhanced with the singing of the beautiful hymn, O Sacred Head Now Wounded by Bernard de Clairvaux. See the hymn's lyrics here.

For lunch we had a jolly time eating with some of the church leadership at a delicious Italian restaurant, and then, after a quick nap at the hotel, we returned to the church for the evening concert. The house was beautifully filled with a fun, energetic people, and we had a great time playing on stage.

When the concert wound to its close we were able to have some interactive time out back at tables, where we got to have some fun conversations with some of our Florida friends and fans. Afterwards, we tore down the stage, loaded back up into the car, and repaired back to the hotel, where we feasted on some delectable homemade bread, granola, and other goodies given us by some good and thoughtful friends.

Thus, warm, full, and happy, we crawled into bed and slept away the shadows till the early hours of the morning, when our eyes (or rather, the driver's eyes––the rest of us will be asleep) would once again see the sun rise through the Florida sky on our way back to Tennessee.

~Camille Click here to read Camille's blog, Faërie