June 2011 Part Two

After a few weeks devoted to working on the Fine Arts Summer Academy, the Annie Moses Band set off again for a week-long tour in the great state of Texas. The first day was a long travel day full of shocking weather progressions. In a twelve hour period, we progressed from 70 degrees in Nashville to 102 degrees in Texas. It was a very keen adventure! Our first stop landed in the little town of Grapevine, a few miles away from Dallas, with a picturesque downtown and a thriving spirit of Texas fun. We had a great time performing for the people there, and we girls even got a couple hours off to go downtown and peruse the fun boutiques that line the streets, peek into the Western relics like a ghost saloon, a ghost cabin, and an old-fashioned Western porch with a clay cowboy relaxing on the pew there. The swirling dust and heat around us made the cowboy seem almost living at first!

The next couple days we spent in Irving, TX, at the Kempke Conference. We enjoyed meeting all the church ministers there, and had a great time playing a concert for them on Monday night.

On Wednesday we round out the mini-tour with a concert in Longview, TX. The energy of a packed house full of old friends was so very delightful, and afterwards we got to visit for a long time and even celebrate a friend's birthday over yummy cupcakes.

The next day we traveled home to our much cooler climate, and thus our journey ended.