June 2011 Part One

The days of summer have spun by in a whirlwind of heat. The first days of the new season opened upon us touring in the Carolinas, where we were blessed to see a whole passel of old friends, and then in Milton, FL, where we got to meet some new friends. On from there to McKinney, TX, which is the homestead of Annie Moses, the early stomping ground of the preaching of our late grandpa, and the residence of many relatives and generational friends. In the next four days we hit Canton, TX, Beebe, AR, and Lakeland, FL, where we celebrated a most glorious Easter Sunday. After this travelathon, we drove home to Nashville, where all the blossoms of the Bradford pears and the plum tree outside the kitchen window had transformed into vibrant green, and the wind was beginning to pick up briskness, the sky blueness, and the sun hotness. The two weeks at home were full of preparations for the Fine Arts Summer Academy, a new album, and a whole gamut of new creative products. Mid-May found us out on the road again.

We retraced our steps to Florida, where we got to spend a beautiful weekend in Port St Lucie, FL, where the 'love-bugs' were making their appearance. We had never seen anything like these bugs, and often found ourselves running from car door to hotel in an effort to not get pelted by the tiny flying insects, who liked to attack in pairs. But the beauty of the city, the fun of seeing the last NASA air shuttle fly into the sky that Monday, the delicious food of the Berry Fresh Café, and the wonderful kindness and hospitality of the folks there put the love-bug plague way back in the shadows.

After Port St Lucie we traveled to Orlando, where we had a great time showcasing for the representatives of public broadcasting, and then back full circle to the Carolinas, the beginning state of our summer season, where we got to witness a most beautiful wedding of a most dear friend, and then on to beautiful Asheville, where we had a splendid time performing and meeting new people.

Thus finished with the tour, we traveled to our dear home. We were surprised to see the cicadas rise up to meet us. The friendly sparkling fairies gave out a joyful shout of welcome when we stepped across the threshold, and kept up that shout for a long time coming. Their cries of joy spun a vigorous background to the intricate web of preparations for the Fine Arts Summer Academy, recording on new musicals and albums, writing and researching for new projects, and other such activites that fill every day. They have been so friendly, indeed, and so interested in our work, that they have imbedded themselves in our doors and windows, and even enjoy nesting in our hair whenever we must venture outside. O how we love them!

And that's a summer wrap!