June 2010, Part 2

In late June, we loaded up and left hot, humid Tennessee for the more hot and humid climate of the land of peaches: Georgia. We had a very pleasant drive down in our air-conditioned vehicles (thank you, modern technology!), and arrived in Atlanta early Saturday evening. After a satisfying repast, the good old boys drove to the venue to set up for Sunday's church services, while we more delicate, feminine creatures rested peacefully in our comfortable, cozy chambers and did arduous, creative activities. The next day we had a very pleasant morning. We were treated to a breakfast with some delicious cheese pastries, and then praised the Lord with an hour-long song service. Afterwards we loaded up as quick as possible and drove an hour south, where we were greeted by the good people at First Baptist Church Lilburn, that have been our friends for the course of five years. We set up, sound-checked, and dressed, and then we played a concert for an absolutely lovely crowd. Thanks for the energy, guys! Once the concert was over, the guests had departed, and all the gear had been torn down by our hearty boys, we had a splendid time in fellowship and food with the before-mentioned friends.

We got some good shut-eye, and then arose early on Monday morning to drive an hour back across Atlanta to play at the chapel which is held every week at the Chick-Fil-A headquarters. We had a splendid time. After being treated to a delectable breakfast and some very good conversation, we played a chapel for the friendly, dynamic audience. Once the concert was finished, we greatly enjoyed a tour of the headquarters, complete with fun Truett Cathy memorabilia, an incredible museum of collectible cars (a batmobile was even a part of the collection) fascinating sculptures, and even some sneak peeks and yummy tastes of future Chick-Fil-A additions to their menu.

After such fun entertainment, we all loaded up and drove back to Nashville in some blessedly cloudy weather. Once home we were greeted with a yard just refreshed with rain and the promise of a good night's rest before the morrow.

~Camille Faërie