July 2010, Part 1

Just as most folks were going to the grocery store for their annual Independence Day feast's ingredients, our family and friends loaded up in the car to drive from hot Tennessee to hot Arkansas. The drive was pleasant in our air conditioned mobile abodes, and, though we experienced a bit of car trouble on the way, the drive went smoothly. We arrived at our destination late the evening of the 3rd, and, after loading in, partook of a repast that included some very delicious coconut-pecan pound cake, which was just the perfect refresher for a hot July day. After a late night of setting up and sound-checking, we all got some shut-eye at the hotel, and then, next morning, played two Sunday morning services for the good people of the church. We enjoyed hearing a very patriotic and moving sermon and a clip of one of President Reagan's amazing addresses to the nation.

That afternoon the guys tore down and set up our equipment on the outdoor stage, while we girls performed more intellectual tasks in the closest Starbucks with our green teas in hand :-) The evening came, and we all, after sound-checking and eating, performed a concert for a very large group of people. God gave us a balmy breeze, a cool night sky, a listening audience, and a great deal of fun!

After the concert we were blessed to witness several baptisms, patriotic songs, and then, the great Independence Day tradition: fireworks. The spectacle of color against the dark knit of the sky was very beautiful, and the classic American songs of freedom playing in the background added greatly to the feeling of gratitude that arose in our hearts on such an important anniversary for our nation. We all praised God for the legacy of Christianity that our Founding Fathers have left us.

May God indeed bless America!

~Camille Editor of Faërie