January 2011, Part 2

The latter part of January found the AMB journeying through the northern part of the States towards the Land of Cheese. The cold was quite a shock to us Southerners, sometimes skirting -20 degrees after sundown. Quite an adventure, to say the least, complete with torching our trailer locks to melt the ice on them and treasure-hunting for thicker, longer coats and warmer clothes. But the sweet hospitality of the people at the Cup o' Joy coffee shop in Green Bay, WI was sufficient to melt the coldness. We enjoyed a scrumptious meal and good fellowship with a family who kept their own homestead, and served us the most delicious home-grown meat and clear well-water. There was such sweet fellowship there as we heard about the 20+ foster children they had raised and nurtured on their homestead.

Two days later, we found ourselves in Holland, Michigan, where we encountered an even greater deal of snow. A few of us were brave enough to make snow-angels in the snowy depths, which produced the most beautiful snow angels we Tennesseans had ever seen. The Sunday we spent there was full of good times, as we played in the morning services at the Central Wesleyan Church and performed an energetic concert that night.

The next day we drove home again to a Nashville enveloped in a faux spring, complete with balmy warm breezes and blue skies. We enjoyed a brief respite at home, where we spent time recording our new album, and then we drove out again the following Saturday to Paris, TN.

We had a great time there at the little town, which boasted its own Eiffel Tower! It was a great deal of fun, playing for the fine folks there, along with some very good, old friends that drove out to see the concert. After the concert we enjoyed talking with the church's ministers over delectable Parisian cuisine, and then that night we drove home to our native Nashville.