February 2010, Part 2

The most recent excursion for the Annie Moses Band commenced at three o'clock on a starry, moonlit morning, with hoar-frost coating the pale grass and the chill weather nipping our sleepy selves as we loaded up in the frozen vehicles to drive to America's own District of Columbia for the annual Chick-Fil-A convention. The sun arose on two yawning drivers and eight sleeping passengers, but the warmth of a good breakfast woke us up. The drive was utterly beautiful, traveling through hills and farms all muffled in a sparkling blanket of white snow. We arrived in Washington D.C. in the afternoon, and were greeted warmly by our hostess, who gave us each a whole sack full of great Chick-Fil-A gifts, and saw us settled into our hotel room. We watched some Olympian ice-skating, napped a bit, and then journeyed downstairs for a late-night load-in and sound-check. The crew and staff were so very helpful in making the process smooth, and, after the rehearsal, we retired to our rooms to sleep a few hours before the morrow.

In the morning, after dressing and partaking of a delicious breakfast (including a whole assortment of loose-leaf teas, natural honey, and soy-milk that brought gladness to my heart) we went back-stage for the final session of the convention. We loved getting to meet the other performers at the conference, as well as several of the Chick-Fil-A affiliates, who were all very welcoming and kind.

We played a few of our most high-energy pieces for the full and enthusiastic house, and then retired back to the green room to await the song we were to play at the end of the seminar. During this time we were blessed to be able to hear Dan T. Cathy, the son of Truett Cathy, and Timothy Yancey, who both brought wonderful messages. Our hearts were blessed and our minds inspired by the wholesome combination of the beautiful, noble mission of the organization and the skillfulness and organization with which their business is furthered. Furthermore, we had the pleasure of meeting Truett Cathy, his wife, and his son Dan, who all displayed such kindred Christianity that it was a delight to speak with them––and they even gave us some free ice-dream coupons! Delectable deliciousness now awaits us on our travels.

After the conference, we loaded out of our hotel rooms, piled up in our automobiles, and started our drive back home. There were a few snow flurries, but they disappeared over our supper break, and our travel was unhampered until we pulled into our driveway at two-thirty AM on Thursday morning. A very cold house welcomed us, but, warmed by our flannel pajamas and our own beds, we soon drifted off to sleep to dream of summer and Chick-Fil-A ice-dreams…

~Camille Editor of Faërie.