Day 6 & 7: 2011 Christmas Tour

Well, yesterday was Day 6 of our 2011 Christmas Tour.  It was a day that consisted of a rotation of driving, reading, eating, sleeping, driving, reading, eating, sleeping, until we arrived in Harrisonburg, VA at 2 AM.  And there is the day in a nutshell! Today is Day 7 of our 2011 Christmas Tour, and it has been a day full of fun activity.  We played at Harrisonburg Church of the Nazarene in Harrisonburg, VA, a beautiful town nestled between miles of rolling green hills and wintry forests.

We had been to the church a few years before, so it was awesome getting to visit and talk with old friends!  We were also fed some extremely delicious food.  We've decided that the only thing that makes New Years' Resolutions special is Christmas Tour Feasting.  :)

Then at 7:00 PM we performed a fun concert for a house full of people, and were even blessed with snow flurries outside when we played 'Let It Snow'.  God's humor.  :)  And now we're back in the hotel and about to sleep before an early morning drive to Raleigh, NC for a 7:00 PM concert tomorrow evening at Raleigh First Assembly.  Good night!