Day 5: 2011 Christmas Tour

Day 5 of our Christmas tour, and a day that has brought us into a whole new nation.  Canada!  We passed the border of the two North American countries early in the morning, and were immediately greeted with a strange dichotomy of samenesses and differences.  The surroundings were very similar to what we had just come from in Michigan, but then there was that very vague difference of feeling and accent that seems to come along with the coming into a new country.  Thoughts of Canadian bacon, Canada dry, Celine Dion, Mark Steyn, Michael Buble, moose, snowy forests, and the French language flitted across our minds as we tried to peer out the foggy frosted windows at this new terrain. We pulled into Heritage Park Alliance Church, where we met our very friendly hosts and hostesses of the day.  After loading in, working, sound-checking, and practicing, we hurried to the hotel to get dressed and prepped.  Soon we came back to the church for an utterly delicious supper of roasted harvesty foods: sweet butternut squash, roasted mushrooms, carrots, & peppers, rotisserie chicken, and other such delectables.

Thus fed and warmed by good food and hot coffee and tea, we prayed and emerged to a packed house for our first concert in Canada.  The room was full of Christmas trees, garlands, wreaths, holly, ornaments, lights, and other accents of red and green, and the atmosphere, coupled with all the Christmas music, was delightful.

After the concert we went out to the tables, where we were able to meet a lot of new Canadians friends, with whom we shared accents, customs, and our kindred similarities.  Once the audience had departed to their different abodes, we were fed a bountiful array of berries, cherries, and cheeses, were thus fortified enough to tear down, and returned to the hotel in a heavenly flurry of thick, white snow.

And so ended our first day in Canada, north of the border, south of Detroit.  See if you can figure that one out.  :)  We hope to see you all in Harrisonburg, VA at the Harrisonburg First Church of the Nazarene on December 7 at 7:00 PM!  Merry Christmas and Happy Advent!