Day 4: 2011 Christmas Tour

So this is the first Sunday of our Christmas tour.  We awoke early this morning to a cold and rain day, and were consequently made very thankful that we got to stay inside for the greater part of it.  :)  We participated in the worship services at Westgate Chapel, with the sanctuary  all decorated in Christmas trees and lights.  The service was beautiful, complete with communion by candlelight and great carols of the faith. Afterwards we were blessed to eat some delicious food and get some good sleep at the hotel, then back to the church for concert preparation and, finally, the concert itself.  We were again joined by the Westgate Chapel choir, which was beautiful and fun to sing with, and got to see a lot of new people as well as folks from last night's showing.  We especially loved our volunteer singers Larry and Mary Noel, who absolutely sizzled with showmanship.  Thanks for making our day!

We loved getting to meet all of the audience at the tables!  Thanks for all the friendliness and welcome, Ohio folks!  After we visited with you all, the guys loaded out while we held little baby David and played piano for him, and then we came back to the hotel, where we had a late night snack of honey-crisp apples and clementines.  Delicious!

Tomorrow we'll head to Windsor, Ontario, Canada for a 7:00 PM concert at Heritage Park Alliance Church.  Hope to see you all there!