Day 3: 2011 Christmas Tour

So, this is Day 3 of our Christmas tour, and good things continue to happen to us.  We had a deep night's sleep last night, ate a delicious brunch at Panera Bread, and loaded in to Westgate Chapel in Toledo, Ohio.  While the others set up, the rest of us (Berklee, Joshua, Gretchen, Annie, and myself) rehearsed Christmas vocals with great enjoyment (it's always a ton of fun to sing great old carols with great people :) ).  Even the new baby David Valentine joined in the singing for a little while! After soundcheck, we were treated to a delicious lunch, and then zipped back to the hotel to rest up and prep for tonight's concert.  This venue is special because we get to perform with Westgate Chapel's wonderful choir, so mid-afternoon we met up with all of those sweet people to rehearse.  Then we went on to yet another delicious meal, and then back to the green room for prayer and preparation.

The concert was a blast.  We love playing Christmas music.  Period.  And the added beauty of the choir just set everything at a greater height tonight.  The crowd was awesome too.  Thanks for the energy everybody!

We hope to see you tomorrow at Westgate Chapel for worship services at 9 AM & 10:30 AM , and then a second concert tomorrow night at 6:00 PM.  Merry Christmas!