Day 10: 2011 Christmas Tour

We had a great time with everyone at Packard Music Hall in Warren, OH tonight! The concert was a gift to the community, hosted by 10 different churches in the area. Walmart gift cards were given out to the needy and many lives were touched. It was a blessing to play for you all! Well, tomorrow takes us to Dayton, OH, where we'll be playing at FBC Kettering on Tuesday. We're looking forward to it! The drive's a relatively short one, so hopefully we'll have the chance to fit in some Christmas shopping. Gotta squeeze it in where you can on the road! God has been very, very good to us throughout this trip. Protecting us along every drive and blessing us with such kind, hospitable hosts. We are truly thankful and looking forward with great anticipation for the 7 concerts between now and Christmas!! So, with that, I bid you a very good night!