"Go West, Pioneer" - A Look Back

Annie Moses Band closed out our winter season with a three week tour of the Mountain West and Southern California. Exchanging the Jekyll/Hyde weather of Tennessee for the sunny climes of Los Angeles was, needless to say, a big hit with the crew. The trek started off in Oklahoma where the Band encountered a ferocious blizzard. With visibility close to zero, we managed to squeak in for a Sunday morning performance. Thankfully, the good company and hospitality of the folks at Ray of Hope Church in Comanche, OK, made us feel welcome in the midst of nature's fury.

The skies were clearer out West. Several days in Sedona, AZ, surrounded by breathtaking vistas, sparked songwriting, exploration and allowed us some much needed rest. A short drive to Phoenix, AZ, brought us to one of the highlights of the trip: a visit to the Museum of Musical Instruments.

These musical instrument exhibits are the largest in the world. A handy headset allows you to enter into the sights and sounds of cultures from all over. You will discover many things: among them, that dance grooves are universal, and that plucked instruments are far more popular than bowed ones (time to bring AMB overseas!).

A pivot to Flagstaff, and then our caravan headed for Southern Cal. After a performance at the beautiful chapel in Loma Linda, we began a five day marathon, interacting with young public students throughout the LA area. Thanks to the excellent work of the Carpenter Center, we not only invested in the lives of dozens of young students, but performed great show in a pristine night under the stars.

Well, fast forward: the drive back took us south to Tucson (beautiful town!) and through the deserts of West Texas. Two concerts later (thanks, Snyder and Longview!) we headed for Nashville, a full three weeks after departing for the West.

One thing's for sure: a four day journey sure beats a year long one! (read your history…)

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Application for FASA 2013 is Now Open!

Application for the 10th Fine Arts Summer Academy is now available!  This spectacular experience will take place at Lipscomb University July 13-27, 2013.  Participants of the Academy will study and perform all styles of music and art, culminating in a Broadway-style extravaganza in the Allen Arena on July 27, 2013. This year the Academy is proud to announce new tracks, including Composition, Creative Writing, Fine Arts, and Musical Theater for ages 10-13.  Please visit www.FineArtsSummerAcademy.com for more details!

We hope you will join us this summer as we follow the call to make His praise glorious!

Annie Moses Band Announces New Partnership with JRA Fine Arts

Annie Moses Band is proud to announce a new partnership with JRA Fine Arts, a premier booking agency in the Christian/Classical Crossover market. "JRA Fine Arts is an ideal fit for what we do as the Annie Moses Band," says Annie. "By bridging the gap between the faith based community and the performing arts, JRA Fine Arts has been a leader in the mission we see at the heart of our calling - reviving the world of the arts through exceptional talent with a spiritual message. We're excited to see what the future holds." JRA was founded by Jeff Roberts in 1985. From its beginnings as a small start up, the agency has grown to represent some of the best names in Christian music including Casting Crowns, Francesca Battistelli, and Matthew West. A new endeavor launched in 2010, JRA Fine Arts has forged new ground in the classical crossover market, making JRA Fine Arts a unique presence in the performing arts.

Annie Moses Band to perform live on Good Morning Texas!

The Annie Moses Band, America's premier string pop group, will be performing live on Good Morning Texas, ABC, June 7th at 10:00 AM. On the heels of their smash PBS debut, Christmas with the Annie Moses Band, which set the record for most airings ever for a new artist, Annie Moses Band is poised to release their first mainstream album, Pilgrims and Prodigals, September 18, 2012, currently available for pre-order on iTunes. Annie Moses Band is a family group of Juilliard trained string players with a trademark pop style with jazz and fiddle influences. Fans who pre-order Pilgrims and Prodigals get special access to an online streaming version of the new album.

Day 5: 2011 Christmas Tour

Day 5 of our Christmas tour, and a day that has brought us into a whole new nation.  Canada!  We passed the border of the two North American countries early in the morning, and were immediately greeted with a strange dichotomy of samenesses and differences.  The surroundings were very similar to what we had just come from in Michigan, but then there was that very vague difference of feeling and accent that seems to come along with the coming into a new country.  Thoughts of Canadian bacon, Canada dry, Celine Dion, Mark Steyn, Michael Buble, moose, snowy forests, and the French language flitted across our minds as we tried to peer out the foggy frosted windows at this new terrain. We pulled into Heritage Park Alliance Church, where we met our very friendly hosts and hostesses of the day.  After loading in, working, sound-checking, and practicing, we hurried to the hotel to get dressed and prepped.  Soon we came back to the church for an utterly delicious supper of roasted harvesty foods: sweet butternut squash, roasted mushrooms, carrots, & peppers, rotisserie chicken, and other such delectables.

Thus fed and warmed by good food and hot coffee and tea, we prayed and emerged to a packed house for our first concert in Canada.  The room was full of Christmas trees, garlands, wreaths, holly, ornaments, lights, and other accents of red and green, and the atmosphere, coupled with all the Christmas music, was delightful.

After the concert we went out to the tables, where we were able to meet a lot of new Canadians friends, with whom we shared accents, customs, and our kindred similarities.  Once the audience had departed to their different abodes, we were fed a bountiful array of berries, cherries, and cheeses, were thus fortified enough to tear down, and returned to the hotel in a heavenly flurry of thick, white snow.

And so ended our first day in Canada, north of the border, south of Detroit.  See if you can figure that one out.  :)  We hope to see you all in Harrisonburg, VA at the Harrisonburg First Church of the Nazarene on December 7 at 7:00 PM!  Merry Christmas and Happy Advent!


Day 3: 2011 Christmas Tour

So, this is Day 3 of our Christmas tour, and good things continue to happen to us.  We had a deep night's sleep last night, ate a delicious brunch at Panera Bread, and loaded in to Westgate Chapel in Toledo, Ohio.  While the others set up, the rest of us (Berklee, Joshua, Gretchen, Annie, and myself) rehearsed Christmas vocals with great enjoyment (it's always a ton of fun to sing great old carols with great people :) ).  Even the new baby David Valentine joined in the singing for a little while! After soundcheck, we were treated to a delicious lunch, and then zipped back to the hotel to rest up and prep for tonight's concert.  This venue is special because we get to perform with Westgate Chapel's wonderful choir, so mid-afternoon we met up with all of those sweet people to rehearse.  Then we went on to yet another delicious meal, and then back to the green room for prayer and preparation.

The concert was a blast.  We love playing Christmas music.  Period.  And the added beauty of the choir just set everything at a greater height tonight.  The crowd was awesome too.  Thanks for the energy everybody!

We hope to see you tomorrow at Westgate Chapel for worship services at 9 AM & 10:30 AM , and then a second concert tomorrow night at 6:00 PM.  Merry Christmas!


Day 2: 2011 Christmas Tour

Today was our first off-day of the Christmas tour, replete with sleeping in, working on business matters, and enjoying the sunny cold of Indiana.  After lunch at Panera Bread, we loaded up in our cars and drove off for Toledo, Ohio, a distance of 4.5 hours on Google and 8 hours for us.  We just enjoy being in the car way too much! On the way we had the pleasure of reading great books, like The Scarlet Letter and The Name of the Rose, listening to the intensely beautiful Christmas album by the Academy of St Martin in the Fields, talking about the origin of fairy tales, and working on the good old AMB duties.  Berklee, the resident artist of the group, cut snowflakes for our windows and hung Christmas wreaths in order to bring a bit of the Advent beauty into our big white van.

Finally we pulled into a snowy Toledo, Ohio, where a comfy hotel and warm food awaited us.  We hope to see you tomorrow at Westgate Chapel for the 6:00 PM concert!  Merry Christmas to all and good night!

Day 1: 2011 Christmas Tour

The Annie Moses Band 2011 Christmas Tour started off with an early awakening to a frosty dawn. The hoarfrost covered the grass and the windowpanes and our breath created ghost-like smoke in the air. We piled into the cars, bundled up with blankets and pillows, and drove into the dark, chill, silent morning. The sun soon crept over the wintry horizon, melting the hoarfrost, sending golden light through the car windows, and waking us up from our sleep. We passed into Kentucky and then on into the rolling cornfields of Indiana, reading old books and listening to old music and conversing about old philosophies.

The sun rose slowly through a sparkling blue sky, and when it reached its noon-tide peak, the traveling vehicles pulled into Grace Church of Camby, Indiana. The folks there met us with a very warm and kind welcome. We were ushered to a spread of delicious food beautifully displayed, ate our fill of the sustenance, and then entered in to an afternoon of concert preparations.

After rehearsals and soundcheck, we were blessed to be fed yet another delectable meal and were then ushered to a meet and greet, where we were enjoyed meeting many friendly and sweet people. After taking pictures with everyone, we returned to our green room for prayer and then came on the stage for the first concert of the 2011 Christmas tour. The crowd greeted us with great energy and good ears, and we were swept up into the great hope inherent in Christmas music. This holy season never grows stale. Its sacred joy is ever new.

Thanks, Camby, for being such a great kick-off to our three-week journey!

June 2011 Part One

The days of summer have spun by in a whirlwind of heat. The first days of the new season opened upon us touring in the Carolinas, where we were blessed to see a whole passel of old friends, and then in Milton, FL, where we got to meet some new friends. On from there to McKinney, TX, which is the homestead of Annie Moses, the early stomping ground of the preaching of our late grandpa, and the residence of many relatives and generational friends. In the next four days we hit Canton, TX, Beebe, AR, and Lakeland, FL, where we celebrated a most glorious Easter Sunday. After this travelathon, we drove home to Nashville, where all the blossoms of the Bradford pears and the plum tree outside the kitchen window had transformed into vibrant green, and the wind was beginning to pick up briskness, the sky blueness, and the sun hotness. The two weeks at home were full of preparations for the Fine Arts Summer Academy, a new album, and a whole gamut of new creative products. Mid-May found us out on the road again.

We retraced our steps to Florida, where we got to spend a beautiful weekend in Port St Lucie, FL, where the 'love-bugs' were making their appearance. We had never seen anything like these bugs, and often found ourselves running from car door to hotel in an effort to not get pelted by the tiny flying insects, who liked to attack in pairs. But the beauty of the city, the fun of seeing the last NASA air shuttle fly into the sky that Monday, the delicious food of the Berry Fresh Café, and the wonderful kindness and hospitality of the folks there put the love-bug plague way back in the shadows.

After Port St Lucie we traveled to Orlando, where we had a great time showcasing for the representatives of public broadcasting, and then back full circle to the Carolinas, the beginning state of our summer season, where we got to witness a most beautiful wedding of a most dear friend, and then on to beautiful Asheville, where we had a splendid time performing and meeting new people.

Thus finished with the tour, we traveled to our dear home. We were surprised to see the cicadas rise up to meet us. The friendly sparkling fairies gave out a joyful shout of welcome when we stepped across the threshold, and kept up that shout for a long time coming. Their cries of joy spun a vigorous background to the intricate web of preparations for the Fine Arts Summer Academy, recording on new musicals and albums, writing and researching for new projects, and other such activites that fill every day. They have been so friendly, indeed, and so interested in our work, that they have imbedded themselves in our doors and windows, and even enjoy nesting in our hair whenever we must venture outside. O how we love them!

And that's a summer wrap!


January 2011, Part 1

The year 2010 wrapped up with a splash of California Christmas as we finished our holy-day tour in Sacramento. The Christmas Eve performances at Capital Christian Center were soul-filled, with such blessed hospitality from the folks there, and wonderful communion with the congregation in celebration of the birth of Jesus through music. The day after Christmas we flew home to our own family's celebration and a week of rest and relaxation after the busy season. The New Year came round, and with the New Year, many new goals for 2011. With recording a new album, planning for the next FASA, writing and brainstorming and searching for God's will in this new year, our January has been full.

After two Sundays off, we stepped back into performing gear with a great concert in our own hometown at First Baptist Nashville. We had a wonderful time visiting with our own Nashville neighbors, who made up a very energetic and rowdy crowd for our concert. What fun!

Now we look to the future, with concerts in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Paris, TN to wrap up the first month of the new year. Good cheer to you all…


Autumn 2010

The last few weeks have been a wild and wonderful whirlwind. Our vehicles have traversed thousands of miles, and they show the signs of hours and hours of habitation. Such faithful steeds! The Road does go ever on and on for our traveling homes… The first half of October we spent in the northern climes of Virginia and Pennsylvania. For a few days in the midst of touring we settled in Plymouth, Massachusetts, where we had a beautiful time soaking in all the historical sites of the ancient colony. We also enjoyed prowling about the lovely, quaint downtown which sported many book shops, organic grocery stores, and cafés. We even got to jam with some fellow Christians in the sweet environment of the Blue Blinds Bakery.

From the North-East we drove straight for two days to Florida, where we performed for those coastal, sunny, beautiful regions. From Florida back to home. While we were home we filled our free hours by learning new Christmas arrangements of Carol of the Bells, Sing We Now of Christmas, and O Holy Night. There's certainly some fun new music coming for the Christmas tour! On All Saints Day we greatly enjoyed recording a new Christmas special for the sweet friends at Trinity Broadcasting Network. Keep an eye out for it on your TBN station this Christmas season.

The first of November we ventured out of the house once more for a marathon of concerts. Indiana, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, South Carolina. Windy mid-West plains to cold Northern woods to warm Southern coasts. Six concerts, two television shows, one full travel day in the course of nine days. We were blessed during this very busy schedule by the energetic crowds and generous hosts we met at every venue. Thanks guys for such great experiences!

Finally, we arrived safe at home in Nashville, Tennessee, where a free weekend in which to catch up on all the Annie Moses Band work, and decorate our home for the Nativity season awaits us. We do love these holy-days. A very happy Thanksgiving to you all…

~Camille Read more of Camille's writing here.