A February To Remember

Well, we're at home. Despite several rather serious attacks of bronchitis, pneumonia, and the like, we're all doing very well. Benjamin is still rather weak but steadily climbing the hill to health. The weather in Nashville on this Monday is very bright and lovely. February and March like to tickle our hopes with false Springs; I hope I've learned their tricks by now…. maybe.

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of getting to play on FamilyLife's 'Love LIke You Mean It' marriage cruise. It was a ton of fun. Unfortunately, because of cruise rules, Mr. Chubby—otherwise known as David Dupre the cutest, sweetest baby on earth—wasn't able to come with us. Babies have to be at least 6 months to go aboard. So, to Grandma Robin's joy, she watched the munchkin while Annie and Scott were away. Annie flew out to make it on the ship, played a concert that night, then flew back to Nashville with Scott the next day when we reached the Bahamas to be reunited with their little joy.

The only problem with this picture was one thing… that we had another concert on the last night of the cruise…. and Annie wouldn't be there. When I first knew of this plan several weeks ago, my mental picture was of all of us on stage in normal assembly, with one giant hole center front stage.

Do a show without Annie? How could that be???

Thankfully, however, we have a few creative minds in the house. So, to our delight, some friends came with us. Joshua Carswell and Julian Kaplan, two very dear friends who have been part of the Fine Arts Summer Academy for many, many years, are starting a new group. Trust me, it's one of the most fun vocal—jazz groups I've ever heard: it's an awesome mix of clear, beautiful trumpet (played by Mr. Kaplan), Joshua's amazing tenor vocals, and really, really fun arrangements of wow-some classics.

So, on the last evening of the cruise, outside with a mild oceanic sky above us, Alex and I pulled out all the stops playing some gypsy fiddle (it was SO much FUN!!), and we all listened as Joshua, Julian, and their awesome band, blew it out of the ballpark. It was a wonderful evening. Plus, the ladies in our entourage got to sing backup to one of their songs written by the Annie Moses Band's Bill and Robin Wolaver. 'You Look Good In Love' is a peppy Diana Krall-ish jingle. A total blast.

In a word, we all had a wonderful time. During the five days of sea freedom, a few of us tried our hand at a little golf…. let's just say that not all golfers are created equal. We also got a chance to snorkel with a very large school of very colorful fish. I always expect to be gazing at a fish, look up, see a shark, and faint… but it never happens, so I guess I'll repeat the sequence next time.

It was nice to get away from the rain for a while, but also nice to come back home. Funny how that works, huh? I simply can't wait for Joshua and Julian to release their first record - and you should be excited too, believe me.

Well, that's the update for now!

And, one more thing, if you ever have the opportunity to have a crepe with honey and whipped cream - do it!