Day 1: 2011 Christmas Tour

The Annie Moses Band 2011 Christmas Tour started off with an early awakening to a frosty dawn. The hoarfrost covered the grass and the windowpanes and our breath created ghost-like smoke in the air. We piled into the cars, bundled up with blankets and pillows, and drove into the dark, chill, silent morning. The sun soon crept over the wintry horizon, melting the hoarfrost, sending golden light through the car windows, and waking us up from our sleep. We passed into Kentucky and then on into the rolling cornfields of Indiana, reading old books and listening to old music and conversing about old philosophies.

The sun rose slowly through a sparkling blue sky, and when it reached its noon-tide peak, the traveling vehicles pulled into Grace Church of Camby, Indiana. The folks there met us with a very warm and kind welcome. We were ushered to a spread of delicious food beautifully displayed, ate our fill of the sustenance, and then entered in to an afternoon of concert preparations.

After rehearsals and soundcheck, we were blessed to be fed yet another delectable meal and were then ushered to a meet and greet, where we were enjoyed meeting many friendly and sweet people. After taking pictures with everyone, we returned to our green room for prayer and then came on the stage for the first concert of the 2011 Christmas tour. The crowd greeted us with great energy and good ears, and we were swept up into the great hope inherent in Christmas music. This holy season never grows stale. Its sacred joy is ever new.

Thanks, Camby, for being such a great kick-off to our three-week journey!